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2022 Bible Reading Plan and Prayer Guide

Introducing the ZF Word and Prayer Guide
Drew Hunter
I’m excited to share our updated ZF Word & Prayer Guide for 2022. Each year we encourage one another to cultivate habits of engaging with God through scripture and prayer. This guide includes three main ways to engage God’s word each day.

  1. Bible read-through: You can read the entire Bible in one year with about 10-15 minutes each day. The ZF Bible Reading Plan in this guide includes five readings per week to allow flexibility. I’ll be doing this plan in 2022, and would love for you to join me.
  1. Bible Immersion: Immerse yourself in one book of the Bible by re-reading and studying it for a period of time.
  1. Bible Rhythm. Establish a rhythm of reading 20 minutes each day, picking up where you left off from the previous day. As you finish a book of the Bible, move to the next one or move to one that is of particular interest to you.

This guide includes ways to meditate on and pray in response to God’s word.
And here’s what’s particularly new: This guide includes ways we can join together and pray for particular topics each day. For example, on Sundays we pray for the gathering of our church as well as other local churches—that God would show us Christ and renew, encourage, and transform us through his presence, people, and word. On Mondays we pray for vocations and leaders. On Tuesdays we pray for evangelism and revival. And so forth. 
May the Lord use this guide to strengthen, encourage, and use us for our good and his glory this year.
You can download the ZF Word & Prayer Guide here.