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Books In Our Resource Corner


We believe that disciples are learners and leaders are readers. One way we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ is by learning and loving truth.

These are leadership-recommended resources organized by categories that are important for growing as disciples. We also encourage you to read books together with family, friends, and members of your small group. These resources provide a great context for discussions over a meal or coffee. So grab a couple copies and give one to someone with a plan to meet and discuss it together.

  • A Camaraderie of Confidence (Piper: Swan Series #7)
  • Confessions (Augustine)
  • Contending for Our All (Piper: Swan Series #4)
  • Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ (Piper: Swan Series #5)
  • Getting to Know the Church Fathers (Litfin)
  • Here I Stand (Bainton)
  • John Calvin, A Biography (THL Parker)
  • Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word (Sweeney)
  • See Beauty and Saying Beautifully (Piper: Swan Series #6)
  • The Hidden Smile of God (Piper: Swan Series #2)
  • The Legacy of Sovereign Joy (Piper: Swan Series #1)
  • The Roots of Endurance (Piper: Swan Series #3)
  • The Unquenchable Flame (Reeves)
  • Turning Points (Noll)
  • Bible Doctrine (Grudem)
  • Delighting in the Trinity (Reeves)
  • Finally Alive (Piper)
  • Heidelberg Catechism
  • Knowing God (Packer)
  • None Like Him (Wilkin)
  • Redemption Accomplished and Applied (Muray)
  • The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God (Carson)
  • The Glory of Christ (Owen)
  • The Heart of Christ (Goodwin)
  • The New City Catechism
  • The Pleasures of God (Piper)
  • What is the Gospel? (Gilbert)
  • Who Is Jesus (Gilbert)
  • Why Trust the Bible? (Gilbert)
  • According to Plan (Goldsworthy)
  • God's Big Picture (Roberts)
  • Knowing the Bible Series (Bible Studies-Various)
  • New Bible Commentary
  • Reading the Bible Supernaturally (Piper)
  • The God Who Is There (Carson)
  • The King in His Beauty (Schreiner)
  • A Little Book on the Christian Life (Calvin)
  • Because He Loves Me (Fitzpatrick)
  • Counterfeit Gods (Keller)
  • Desiring God (Piper)
  • Finally Free (Lambert)
  • Instruments in the Redeemers Hands (Tripp)
  • Just Do Something (DeYoung)
  • Living the Cross Centered Life (Mahaney)
  • Managing God's Money (Alcorn)
  • Practicing Affirmation (Crabtree)
  • Prayer (Keller)
  • Praying with Paul (Carson)
  • Religious Affections (Edwards)
  • Run To Win the Prize (Schreiner)
  • Sex, Dating, and Relationships
  • Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart (Greear)
  • The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Instruction (Ferguson)
  • The Discipline of Grace (Bridges)
  • The Mortification of Sin 
  • The Pursuit of God (Tozer)
  • When I Don't Desire God (Piper)
  • You Can Change (Chester)
  • You Can Pray (Chester)
  • Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian (Piper)
  • Is God Anti-Gay (Allberry)
  • Mere Christianity (CS Lewis)
  • Orthodoxy (Chesterton)
  • Same Sex Attraction and the Church (Shaw)
  • The Case for Life (Klusendorf)
  • The Reason for God (Keller)
  • When Helping Hurts (Corbett)
  • A Holy Ambition (Piper)
  • Church Elders (Rinne)
  • Community (House)
  • Counter Culture (Platt)
  • Discipling (Dever)
  • Expositional Preaching (Helm)
  • Honest Evangelism (Tice)
  • Rhythms of Grace (Cosper)
  • The Gospel (Ortlund)
  • The Heart of a Servant Leader (Miller)
  • The Trellis and the Vine (Payne)
  • True Worship (Roberts)
  • What Is a Healthy Church (Dever)
  • Women of the Word (Wilkin)
  • Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers (4 book bundle)
  • God Made All of Me (Holcomb)
  • Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel (Ortlund)
  • Parenting (Tripp)
  • Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tripp)
  • The Big Picture Story Bible (Helm)
  • The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross (Laferton)
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible (Sally Jones)
  • This Momentary Marriage (Piper)
  • What Did You Expect (Tripp)
  • When Sinners Say I Do (Harvey)
  • Business to the Glory of God (Grudem)
  • Every Good Endeavor (Keller)
  • The Gospel at Work (Gilbert)
  • Work Matters (Nelson)