April 1, 2021 :: Click here for the latest Covid-19 updates.

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ZF Updates During Covid-19

Update on Our Response to the Pandemic

It's been a while since we've updated you on the Elders' pandemic response for Zionsville Fellowship. We have some promising developments that'd we'd like to share. The Governor of Indiana recently shared that the COVID-19 vaccination is now open to ages 16+. They will also extend the Public Health Emergency through April. Local officials will manage venue capacities, and the physical distancing requirement will be lifted from many facilities.

Face Coverings

Part of the Governor's announcement included that on April 6, the face-covering mandate will become an advisory. For the next 6 weeks, we plan to wear masks inside for Sunday gatherings. We want to give a few weeks to allow those who have not been eligible for COVID-19 vaccination to receive the vaccine and be immunized. We are targeting May 16 as a timeframe where we could meet inside with optional masks. We realize that some members will want to continue wearing masks, and that's great. We believe it's essential to show deference to one another during this time of transition, as we have throughout the pandemic's duration. These plans are subject to change, and we will reassess if the pandemic worsens locally or if there are local restrictions enacted.

Small-Group Meetings & Building Use

The CDC has recently released guidance that small groups of vaccinated people can safely meet without masks or distancing. We ask that you are mindful of those in your group and their comfort levels when making these decisions. The operating principle should be unity and showing kindness to one another. We also ask that you consider waiting until everyone in your group has at least had the opportunity to be vaccinated before relaxing precautions. 

The pandemic continues to provide an opportunity for Christians to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit to one another. As always, we welcome feedback. Please reach out to us at elders@zionsvillefellowship.org.