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Kurtis and Carrie Moss | Fort Wilderness Ministies

Kurtis and Carrie Moss | Fort Wilderness Ministries

resize for web Moss Family FortFort Wilderness Ministries is a Christian camp in the north woods of Wisconsin and is committed to creating an atmosphere where spiritual and relational growth can take place. Fort has special meaning to both Kurtis and Carrie Moss. Carrie began attending both Zionsville Fellowship church and Fort at 3 years of age. Kurtis grew up in Indiana and first came to camp in 2009 on a Project Serve Team. The two married in 2012. In 2017, Kurtis and Carrie moved to Nicaragua to start a discipleship program for college students in their city. After a furlough in the US, they were on their way back to Nicaragua in March 2020 when COVID-19 closed Central America. In God's Providence, that closed door led to an open door to serve at Fort Wilderness. It has been a dream of theirs to serve on staff at Fort since they first served together in 2009.

Kurtis serves as the Student Ministries Director, supporting and leading Fort's ministry to students at all three sites: Main Camp, Adventure Outpost, and Leadership Lab. He is also the Retail Manager where he oversees the coffee shop, canteen and merchandise. As the Staff and Volunteer Coordinator, Carrie oversees the hundreds of volunteers that serve at Fort throughout the year and over 70 staff hired each summer to serve at camp.

For more information, contact kurtismoss@fortwilderness.com or carriemoss@fortwilderness.com. Click here to find out more about Fort Wilderness Ministries.