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Men's Retreat 2018

2018 Men's Retreat (November 9, 10, 11)

Check in from 6:00 - 8:30 pm
First session begins at 9:00 pm

Depart camp on Sunday at around noon.

New Location
Please join us this coming November for our annual Men's Retreat to be held at Highland Lakes Camp located 40 miles southwest of Zionsville, between Monrovia and Martinsville. 

  • Shorter Drive (heading south vs north)
  • One week earlier than in previous years
  • 400 acres of rolling, wooded hills, 9 hiking trails, lake
  • Improved lodging and camping
  • More activities (hiking, disc golf, archery tag, basketball court)
  • Improved food

Guest Speaker
Our speaker this year is Dane Ortlund and he will be teaching us more about The Heart of Christ.

From Dane: "We will drill into something that is rarely talked about today, even though it is right there in the Bible, and past generations of Christians drew great strength from it: the heart of Christ. How does Jesus, way up there in heaven, actually feel about me, way down here on earth, sinning and stumbling my way through life? Drawing on both scripture and the Puritans, we will consider the answer to this question."

We are excited about a breath of new life in a ZF tradition. Please come join us!

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