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Serving Our Church

We believe that God has gifted each Christian with unique abilities for service among his people. Often our service to one another will naturally and regularly occur in the context of friendship and within small groups.

There are also additional ways in which we can serve one another as a church family, some of which are listed below. An essential part of participating in church family life at ZF includes regularly serving our church body.

If you are not yet serving at ZF, consider joining one of these teams. Look for John Supica on a Sunday, or email him at jsupica@zionsvillefellowship.org for more information.
Electrician for Minor Repairs - Needed is a person who could come to the church building once as needed to change light bulbs and replace burned out ballasts. This would include climbing a ladder. If you can help, please contact Ka Freeman.

Coffee Team - This is about more than just making coffee for people to drink! The Coffee Team plays a vital role in making new relational connections with others - whether long-timers or first-time guests. People who love coffee and people will fit right in on this team! Contact John Supica for more information.

Audio / Visual Team - This team serves quiety in the background but are key in keeping our Sunday service running smoothly. If you have an "ear" for sound and enjoy technology, please contact Kent McCarthy. No experience is necessary, but computer / technology experience is a plus.