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Serving Our Community

As a Church family, we know that we don't exist for ourselves. Since Jesus came to serve us rather than be served, we want to serve others by giving ourselves and our gifts to the communities around us. There are many of ways that members of our church are serving in their communities according to their gifts and opportunities. Here are a few additional opportunities to consider:

Neighborhood Fellowship

Jim and Debbie Strietelmeier, along with others, lead the ministry at Neighborhood Fellowship Church on the near east side of Indianapolis. They are vitally involved in working within their neighborhood to show the love of Christ. They care for the poor by ministering to individuals’ souls, minds and bodies. Some of the ways this is carried out practically is by providing a hot meals program and a free medical clinic, housing the Neighborhood Academy Christian school (K-12), and offering counseling and crisis intervention. Neighbors can come to Neighborhood Fellowship and receive gently used clothing and furniture as well as visit the food pantry and organic garden.

Opportunities to serve include: serving the Sunday afternoon meal (ideal for families and small groups), donating food to their food pantry, donating pharmacy items for outreach clinic, helping during Vacation Bible School in June, volunteering to teach at Neighborhood Academy (academic and/or Bible), mentoring at risk children, tutoring, providing reading assistance, and donating time and materials for facility upgrades, maintenance, and repair. If you are interested in serving in any of these ways, please contact Debbie Strietelmeier

Zionsville Meadows Senior Care

There are two ways to become involved in serving at the local Zionsville Meadows Care Facility.

First, Zionsville Fellowship provides worship services for residents every Sunday of the month. We enjoy singing and provide a biblical message, followed by serving ice cream, and a time of fellowship. We begin at 2:00 pm and are ready to leave around 3:15 pm. Please consider joining us for these services! 

Second, Zionsville Fellowship is also working to provide visitation to those living at Zionsville Meadows who do not have family or seldom have visitors. For those interested, this ministry is open to whatever time one has to be a friend to someone who needs one. The residents are very touched and greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to visit.

If you are interested in these ministry opportunities, please email Bob Ash or call at 317-692-1729.

Kairos Prison Ministry

One of the ways in which the Kairos Prison ministry serves is by providing cookies for prisoners during a ministry event. Volunteers are needed to participate in the semi-annual cookie bake at Zionsville Fellowship. Contact Peter Gordon.