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Leadership Updates

Midweek Update

Personal Reflections on Our Current Cultural Moment
- John Supica

ZF Family,

I continue to read the Psalsm each morning as part of my morning devotional. It has been a lifeline for me during these difficult recent days. I was recently struck afresh by the entirety of Psalm 73.

The writer, Asaph, struggles to come to terms with the ways that the wicked -- those who do not love God -- appear to flourish. Eventually, the psalmist calms his heart by reaffirming the continual nearness of the Lord.

God keeps him and sustains him, especially in the face of great uncertainty, difficulty, and suffering. God gives him fresh hope and joy in the midst of it all.

Personally, I've found the past several months rather disorienting, challenging, and discouraging: 
  1. Drastic societal changes due to the pandemic? That's a lot to take in by itself.
  2. Complex dynamics behind the current cultural unrest related to our nation's complex history regarding racism? Whew. Even more to process and assess.
  3. Paired with a wide array of fitting and unfitting responses to both situations? Even further exacerbated with diverse opinions as to what the problems actually are and what the solutions should be...
Not to mention the list of other normal challenges and abnormal trials from living life in a fallen world...

Oh, it is all just too much for me to bear alone!

How about you? Are you feeling fatigued or worn down by navigating all of these dynamics?

Are you discouraged or frustrated by the tensions that exist within our society as a whole or within your network of relationships?

Are you wrestling with how to navigate the pandemic and it's boundless implications, whether health, economic, societal, legal, or relational?

Are you struggling to understand the rising racial tensions - what to think about so many different competing perspectives?

In all of this, know you are not alone. And know that God remains at work in and through the hearts of his people. In the midst of these uncertain times, we must cling to Jesus as our strength and hope and joy. Where else can we go?

So, join me in finding fresh strength and hope and joy in Jesus. Practically, what does this look like? 
  • Read your Bible each day. God can use this simple activity to profoundly change your heart. Let me know if you would like concrete help in establishing or re-establishing this crucial habit.
  • Continue to gather with us each Sunday for worship with our church family. Plan on participating in our next Sunday service - whether online or in-person. Note: We continue to recommend face-coverings and social distancing. But all of our bathrooms are open now, so that's a small improvement :)
Grateful for you all!

An Encouraging Financial Update
- Eric Bobbitt

In the face of recent changes and uncertainties, the Lord has continued to be faithful. One such blessing has been the consistent generosity of our church family. Listed below is the quarterly financial update provided by the deacons. We are immensely grateful that although our ability to gather has been hampered these past months, our commitment to financial stewardship has not wavered.
While some of us are meeting in person on Sunday mornings and others are participating through livestream, we are continuing to provide financially for the mission and ministries of our church.This can be done on Sunday mornings by placing your contributions in the boxes outside the Worship Center. We also encourage you to utilize online giving. Visit the Zionsville Fellowship website, click on the giving tab, and follow the provided directions. Or you can mail a check to the church office.