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Leadership Updates

Midweek Update | April 22, 2020

Here are the resources Drew mentions in his video update:


Praying Together | 3 Ways

1. Church Wide Prayer Gatherings on Zoom
6:30 am Tuesday  and 8:30 pm Thursdays. You can access each prayer gathering HERE .

2. Praying Through Our Directory | Turn the Page
Find yourself in the current ZF directory and pray daily for the others on your page. Each week, turn the page to pray for those on the new page. Feel free to call, email, or text an encouragement to those you're praying for. 

3. Join Our Prayer Team
Members of our church body have committed to praying for all of us individually through this time we are unable to gather together. To join our prayer team, contact Edgar Momoh.


Seek Help and Counseling
- Eric Bobbitt

Even in times of unexpected change like we now face, some things remain constant. Our days need to be purposeful, our hope set on something permanent and sure, while our relationships are steady and loving. Such things help see us through, but sometimes seem out of reach. That’s why we don’t want to walk these times alone or without support.

None of us are unaffected by the social and economic shifts that have been forced upon us. Isolation, discouragement, anxiety, listlessness, and relational tension have become a part of many lives. Yet, our small groups, ministry leaders, and pastoral staff understand that Christian care is not being quarantined. As challenges come, which they inevitably will to each of us, we do not want anyone to face them without support. Our church is a network of meaningful friendships and care. Small group leaders are eager to be shepherds, facilitating communities that honor and uphold each other. Our pastoral staff continue to encourage and guide. Eric Bobbitt, our pastor of counseling, is available. We invite you to contact him.

If your environment or relationships have become unsafe or unhealthy during this time it is especially important that you reach out for help.


Caring For Each Other
- Bob Ash

  • Volunteer: Many among us have already tried to find creative ways to encourage and care for others in our church body. We are now adding another option for how our ZF family can care for each other. CLICK HERE to volunteer to care for someone in the body who could use a little help right now. This might be an essential worker, someone potentially more at-risk to the coronavirus, or someone affected by COVID-19's broad impact. You can sign up to provide meals, shop for groceries, write encouraging notes, or help with outside house work (i.e. lawn mowing, etc.)

  • Make a Request: Please know there are many of your ZF friends who want to be of assistance. Click HERE to make a request and allow them to serve you as a need arises.