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Leadership Updates

Midweek Update | April 1, 2020

An Opportunity to Pray for One Another
- Brad Claretto and Edgar Momoh

Living in these extraordinary times provides both challenges as well as opportunities.  Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians (1:15-19), demonstrates the importance of praying for one another.  We have recruited a team of faithful prayer warriors to ensure our entire ZF family is lifted up in prayer on an ongoing and consistent basis during this time in which we are unable to gather, in person, as a body. 
In addition, we would like to seize this unique period as an opportunity to cultivate the habit of praying for one another as members of the ZF family.  Here is our simple request; please find yourself in the current ZF directory and pray daily for the others on your page.  Here are some prayer suggestions:

  • Protection from the COVID 19 virus.
  • That hearts are drawn closer to God. 
  • Mental and emotional health during this period of isolation.
  • Unique challenges (frontline and essential employees, isolation, changes in school and work routines, unemployment and those underemployed, etc.)

As you feel led, you may wish to connect with someone for whom you are praying.  Feel free to use the contact information in the directory to call, email, or text. 

Please contact Edgar Momoh if you would like to join the team of faithful prayer warriors as we lift our entire family up in prayer or if you have a specific prayer request.

How To Access the ZF Directory
For those who would like to view the Dropbox online photo directory, you can access it on your phone or computer. Simply click HERE and either sign in to Dropbox (if you already have an account set up) or click "Download the app". Once downloaded, set up your free account. Then please send an email to and let us know you would like access to the directory and a link will be emailed to you. If you have trouble, please email Deb Bissell.

Giving and Stewardship 
- Eric Bobbitt

Although so many aspects of our lives have been altered recently, as followers of Christ we remain faithful to our foundational commitments. An important ongoing act of worship is our financial stewardship. While we are unable to meet together in person each Sunday morning you can continue to provide financially for the mission and ministries of our church. We encourage you to do this through online giving. Visit the Zionsville Fellowship website, click on the giving button, and follow the simple directions. Or you can mail a check to the church office.

Family Discipleship Resources
- Taylor Sutton

With the current social distancing measures in place, most families have a lot more time to spend together at home. This can be both an opportunity and a challenge! As part of our midweek emails, we want to provide parents with encouragement, resources, and support so that you can make the most of the unique opportunities for family discipleship during this time.

One way to do that is to reinvigorate (or perhaps start) your family devotions. If you have kids at home—regardless of their ages—you can gather as a family to spend time in the Word and in prayer. Don’t underestimate the impact that a simple but regular rhythm of the means of grace can have on your family. For ideas and tools, check out the resources below:

Now’s the Time! Resources for Family Devotions by Melissa Kruger. This short blog post has some great practical advice as well as age-specific resources. If you only click one link in this list, it should be this one.

The New City Catechism. This set of questions and answers helps young and old alike learn the essentials of the Christian faith. This is a resource we have commended before; so many of you may already have a copy of it. Check out the website for a number of helpful online features. They are also offering for free the first five lessons of the corresponding curriculum here.  

Long Story Short and Old Story New, by Marty Machowski. These easy-to-use, 10-minute devotionals walk through the story of the Bible in a way that highlights and explains the good news of God’s grace through Jesus.

The Bible Project, led by Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, provides a collection of short videos that show how the Bible presents a rich yet unified story pointing to Jesus. This is a great resource to complement Bible reading for families with older kids. Check out their introduction to Mark or their video on the theme of temple to get a taste of their work.