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Leadership Updates

Midweek Update | March 26


[Video transcript included below]

Hi ZF family,

I wanted to provide you with some updates for us as a church. And in light of the fact that these are difficult times and people are working from home. I'm following the lead of some others and relying on my home graphics department. So this is your ZF midweek update, graphics brought to you by the Hunter household graphics department, Moses, Isaiah, and Chase.

Well, I wanted to provide you first with just an update on kind of a window into the life of our church family right now. We're not taking a pause on being and making disciples of Jesus we're just transitioning temporarily to new creative ways of doing this. So for instance, we've been having a lot of our meetings take place through Zoom online so the elders met Monday night through Zoom. We met as a staff in that way as well yesterday and prayed for you all and considered how we can serve you and cultivate community for our church family in this time. Small groups are already meeting with this and will continue to do so for the time being.

I've also been so encouraged by how many of you have reached out to each other through text and email and video conferencing and dropping notes off at each other's homes, been really encouraged to hear of several of you taking the initiative to reach out to your neighbors and providing them with a note letting the know you're available to serve them in any way, get groceries, pray, and you're available for them. So thank you for that example to me and the rest of us. Our missionaries have been reached out to by our mission team and other members to make sure they're cared for. So I'm so grateful for you all.

Also, there's a few initiatives that I wanted to inform you about that we're thinking through as leaders. First of all, we're still prioritizing our Sunday morning gathering, even if we can't gather at the same place physically. Hebrews 10:25 calls us to not forsake meeting together and that can be hard to think about how to actually do that as a church family right now. So here's one way that I've been encouraged As I thought about it, even though temporarily, we can't be in the same place, we can meet together at the same time. So what we're asking you all to do, and for us to do as a church family is to prioritize a 10am on Sunday morning gathering online. So what we'll do is we'll email you on Saturday afternoon with some information about that Sunday morning gathering. And then at 10am. We'll go live with our church service together so that we can pray together and hear God's word together and sing together all at the same time and still have that meeting as best we can. And we'll be thinking through how to develop this as we go to make sure that its a fruitful time together.

Second, we also are thinking through how to pray together as a church family. So right now we'll have a couple prayer meetings through Zoom and you can find out more information about that in the weekly, midweek update email. Third, we're also thinking through how to care for one another well, so many of you have done a great job doing this already. Ready, we're thinking through also how to care for those who are older or more vulnerable. So they've already, we've already been contacting them. And then finally, we want to keep you in the loop on things. So we'll be communicating with you regularly. So for now expect this ZF midweek email to come like this one, and then another one to come on the weekend about our Sunday morning service.

So I can't wait to see you all face to face again. I miss seeing your faces and until then I look forward to communicating and connecting in any ways we can. I love you all. And may the Lord bless you and keep you and may He encourage you with His presence and His people.

-- Drew Hunter