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Leadership Updates

Midweek Update

Outdoor Service & Family Gathering
Note this Special Time Change!
Sunday, August 9 @ 9:30 AM

We’re looking forward to a unique Sunday morning gathering on August 9th! Please join us for an outdoor service and family gathering. Please note that we will start at 9:30 AM which is a bit earlier than we have been meeting in order to take advantage of the milder morning temperatures.

We will meet outdoors behind the church building on the grassy hill. We invite you to bring camp chairs and water proof blankets in case of heavy dew. Also feel free to bring food for your family because we will have an opportunity to fellowship following the service. There will be water and bagels available as well. 

This is an opportunity to gather around God’s word, hear updates from church leaders, celebrate communion, and enjoy fellowship together over snacks. We’re hopeful that this provides an enjoyable and safe environment to gather together as a whole church family.

Save the date!


The Kohl Family
Missionary Update: Japan Initiative

Jonathan and Kendra Kohl live in Kobe, Japan and reach out to Japanese businessmen and their families by being incarnational in the marketplace. Launching a private business in Japan is giving Jonathan and Kendra opportunities as “tent-making” missionaries to live and work within the culture and share the love of Christ in an authentic way. Part of the vision of their firm is to launch start-ups that will be models of new, healthy organizational culture – in a country where businesses are often run without integrity and without the wellbeing of employees in mind.

Kendra continues to focus on meeting with women to share the love of Christ through encouragement and discipleship. Now that their son, Joshua, is in elementary school, Kendra is also building relationships within the school community.

The Kohl’s have also recently started the KENTO Center, a non-profit to support children with special needs in their local community of Kobe. In addition to being engaged with people who don’t yet know Christ, they also are getting involved with their church, Grapevine, a new (“granddaughter”) church plant of their former church, Kobe Bible Fellowship.

Click the link above to hear from Jonathan, who was able to visit ZF recently. To learn more, email the Kohl’s at